At my Workplace

Return to the new normal. A table tennis table is 2.74 meters long. By playing table tennis, your staff fulfils current Social Distancing regulations (1.5m) by 182%!
In other words, what better way is there to enforce social distancing rules then table tennis?! Of course, there are few more things to consider. The below guide, will help you to check off a few key requirements for your table tennis area at work.


At Corporate Cup Events

The safety and well-being of our participants at the Table Tennis Corporate Cup is the priority at all of our events. That’s why Table Tennis Australia and the Corporate Cup team does more than just monitor the National Principles for the resumption of Sport and Recreation activities. More so, we work with state associations to ensure events in all locations meet current state-specific requirements. Below are just a few risk mitigation strategies that we apply at our events.


Downloadable Posters

Click the thumbnails to view our Covid-19 posters and print out for your workplace.