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Series 1 finals are now confirmed! BRISBANE and ADELAIDE - you can all register now!

Look out for our very special ONLINE LIVE! event. Details are coming soon!

DARWIN - Internal Rounds start soon - Register Today!

Engage your Employees by encouraging fun in the workplace

Build Team and Individual Communications

Contact us for information on the second Corporate Cup

Promote Health and Well-Being at Work

Why Participate?

The Table Tennis Corporate Cup is a great way to engage your employees, to build employee communication whilst also providing strong corporate health and well-being benefits.

Register your interest, and one of the Table Tennis Corporate Cup team members will contact you to give you the full details.

3-Minute Watch

Key Dates

Now taking interest for round 2 of the Cup

The company internal rounds:
Round 1 complete.

State Regional finals:
On-hold due to Covid-19 Pandemic.


Of course there is some bling on offer as well as the obvious office bragging rights!


Registered Companies

What people are Saying

Karen Zhang (Google)

It is really exciting to see the transformation that Table Tennis Australia is experiencing with the roll out of programs like the Corporate Cup. There is a table tennis table in just about every office, co-working space or home. It is an incredibly inclusive sport for people of all ages and skill levels. The Google Cloud team is currently at our office and training hard.
Look forward to the games kicking off in Feb 2020.

Ziggy Saabel (Infor)

Table Tennis is a sport that everyone can then get involved in very easily. We loved the idea at Infor because it promotes employee engagement, fun and the excitement around participating in a nationwide event. We put a table tennis net across an office table and put bats and balls on it to see how much interest there is for table tennis at our office.
The staff can’t resist to find what’s going on or give it a try.

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